Need help with analouge triggers
I've recently been playing Gran Turismo 4 and I've noticed that acceleration and braking on my triggers are way too sensitive, like they use less than a quarter of its full travel distance and the game picks it up as wide open throttle and me slamming the brakes.

Even after tweaking the gamepad settings, the game still utilises a fraction of it, albeit a slight improvement only.

I'm more use to being able to use the whole trigger to modulate my acceleration and braking, is there anyway I can do so?

I'm using PCSX2 v1.7.2731

I'm using the default gamepad plugin for PCSX2

My current settings for both my R2 and L2 are as follows:

Sensitivity at 0.445

Deadzone at 0

Skip Deadzone at 0.140

And I'm using a Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

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