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Need help with configurations
FPS actually goes down to 25*

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GS to 100% in this game? Change software for hardware in GSdx settings as such high GS thread in this game could happen only in software mode. You should also make sure you have "allow 8bit textures" checked on as this game kind of likes it.

Other than that "gif transfer rewrite" in SVN versions made this game playable below 2ghz even on AMD cpu(like mineTongue), and MTVU speedhack didn't really affect it's speed. Your system should be more than enough to run that game in full speed with full hd res, probably even with unlocked effects:].

Edit: Ah bleah;P didn't notice it's mobile GPU, but still it should be more than enough unless GTX460 is completely castrated in M version.
Ahh. Enable the constant frameskip to 1, 2 and base rate to 140%. I can play dbz bt 3 well over 83 fps in gameplay.
When i enabled the constant frame skip it reached 44 fps but the health bars disappeared
i just find it strange that ever since i changed revisions the GS has been higher than EE
Configuration used for Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 NTSC

Note : Well, that game is CPU and GPU demanding too.

PCSX2 r4866


EE cyclerate- 2
VU cycle stealing - 1
MTVU, and all the others are CHECKED.


base frame rate - 140%
frameskip constant - 1 , 2
disable framelimiting - unchecked

other are normal...

GSDX r4866

DirectX 10
Offset Hack
HW Anti-Aliasing. (not needed)

This config is good for me atleast.

...Health Bars disappear.....only because of speedhacks of EE set to 3.

Use my configuration and see.

For more speed set Clamp mode to none and Round Mode to nearest in both the EE/FPU and VU's Section.

Hope that helps Smile
Any chance you have also integrated GPU and pcsx2 is running on it instead of using your GTX460M?Tongue. I have it hard imaging GTX460 even in mobile version to be worse than my puny hd5670 which allows me to play easily at x2 even with effects that are turned off in official GSdx.

Also GS rising in svn in this game is just wrong, it's around same in my case if not even lower. GSdx by default is probably in software mode soo make sure you're using DX11 Hardware renderer in GSdx config(and also that you're using GSdx SSE4 version as your cpu supports it.

In opposite to what recorder wrote. Speedhack sliders doesn't give anything except a bit of false fps reading to this game. Only recommended ones(except MTVU) have true effect on it's speed. No custom hacks are needed in SVN version as all the fixes are built in and work better, ones from GSdx config will actually break the graphics a bit. Other than that what I wrote above dx10 hardware and "allow 8 bit textures".

Set the EE to 3 and vu to 3 and run the game. the health bars disappears and the body of the characters appear buggy. I 've tried it with my game.

EE cycle rate set to 3


EE Cycle rate set to 2


@Recorder If you're using frameskip it sure is, but who would use frameskip anyway? And what about characters body? It was fixed in SVN versions already, hell I helped with fixing exactly that soo I'm pretty sure. Maybe post your game CRC as it seems your version isn't included in the hackfix(or try svn version if you didn't as it WAS buggedTongue).
Miseru99, my CRC is in the GSDX hacks and the game works perfectly without character glitches, missing body parts etc.

Only when EE is set to 3, then the character appear buggy. But when EE is set to 2 ,it appears perfect with the revision of r4734. It is fixed in that revision and works perfectly for me without the buggy characters. Reputation + 1

Laugh And by the way My name is recoder not recorder. Tongue2

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