Need help with control mapping.
Actually i was playing God Hand and the enemies ocassionally grab you and to escape you have to shake the L analog stick. Since i am using keyboard, i find it pretty hard to do it. Is there any way to set one key(Say "Q") to do that? I mean multiple bindings for a single key?
Like the key Q can have both the controls for L-stick left and L-stick right so that when I press Q it alternates through both the controls and gives the result of a "shaking L analog stick". Is it possible? If it isn't then, is there any other way to achieve the same ?

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I believe you can't map two keys for one button. Your best bet would be to create a macro that will alternate between L-stick left and L-stick right quickly. I don't know if you can setup macros with having a keyboard that can do it.

Doing a quick search, you can try and use

You'd have to setup a macro where you push the two keys for L-stick left and L-stick right multiple times quickly.

Note: I've never used this program and have no idea if it will work, just a suggestion for you.
Thanks for the effort. Hope it helps. Will try out for sure. Its pretty difficult to escape throws on keyboard. Anyway hope pcx2 has macros support.

Still it will be pretty difficult to play. The throws come out fast and pressing two buttons (on which my fingers don't lie) on reaction seems pretty tough. Will give it a try though.
Well, this program has its own scripts, and i don't know how to write scripts for macros as such. Any help would be appreciated.

good luck!!! =/
(03-26-2015, 04:20 PM)Bigbenn01 Wrote: I believe you can't map two keys for one button.

You can map all on your keyboard keys to single button in the option in Lilypad "Allow binding multiple PS2 controls to one PC" is enabled
You can also do the keyboard key that will send multiple buttons

For example on DBZB3 you can see what keys you press and for example I set the Q key for square and triangle and when I press Q,I see that the both keys are pressed and the command for pressing square and triangle is executed.
Good call Vsub, never used that option so totally forgot about it. Do you think it'll help him in his situation?
Not sure but he can try.
You are sending the keys\directions at once not one after another like it will be when you are shaking the sticks.
Well, as vsub said, i already tried that mapping option in lilypad but to no avail. The character stays at the same spot, I do not get the shaking motion. I wonder how anyone plays Godhand or anything similar on keyboard without having this issue?

I looked over the scripts page and to be honest its way too complicated to map such a macros on a single key. Any other tips or suggestions?
I personally had no problem doing this even with all the PS2 controls binded to a different key on the keyboard. (or) you can just get a DS2 to PC adapter to do it the fast way.
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