Need help with crash investigation
Yep u heard it, my game loads just fine (FF XII) and then my USB shuts off. All of the ports. Then, it freezes my laptop. I have to end up restarting my comp by power cycling it. I am sure this has made a victim of someone else.

Couldn't find anything extroardinary on search and hope someone here can help me out.

I am using 0.9.6.

My Specs:
Core2Duo 2.26
9800M GTS
4GB Mem
.5 TB

Any help would be splendid.

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Run a temp monitor when running PCSX2 on your laptop, it could be a heat issue.
All temps are within range.
GPU @ 39C and CPU at around 30C

I'd just do the usual PC diagnostic. Do a RAM check, HDD check...and what model and brand laptop?
(05-13-2009, 04:29 AM)skoreanime Wrote: Hmmm.

I'd just do the usual PC diagnostic. Do a RAM check, HDD check...and what model and brand laptop?

P7811 - FX

This is after a clean install too. Forgot to mention that. The piece of ***** at Gateway Chat told me to send my laptop in and to reformat after I told them 3 freakin times I had already done so. I hate Gateway.

Looks like it was just a manufacturing error...hope that helps.
Not really. I have to disagree with that review.

I can play Crysis, COD5, Team Fortress 2 with flawless gameplay. Tweaked the Graca and its all good.

My review of this PC would be a 4 out of 5. I don't know why I can't get it to play. It is really pissing me off.

Like this morning, I got up, turned it on and said what the hell. Clicked on PCSX2 and hit FILE and clicked RUN CD/DVD and wala, fullscreen and all. Got to the start, worked, went through some cut scenes of FF XII and wala, I was done, got ready to move my guy and bam, froze. It is the furthest I have been so far.

I can't believe it is doing this. All my drivers are up to date. I can't believe it is the damn computer. It's a software glitch somewhere. SOmething is disagreeing with something else.
It's extraordinarily hard for a single program to bring down the entire system. Windows (actually, all OS's you may come across) is designed to prevent this, it's apparently failed you. They simply don't have the ability, unless it's a driver and/or some other low-level program with elevated privileges.

I'm not saying it's impossible for PCSX2 to do this, but it's as close to impossible as it can get. I'm guessing PCSX2 is exposing a driver problem that other games don't hit, or (as someone mentioned) a hardware error.
"This thread should be closed immediately, it causes parallel imagination and multiprocess hallucination" --ardhi
Well, I just tried it again. Lost my USB ports and sound. Sounded like a sparkler went off once I pressed the X on the gamepad. So I haven't restarted yet so I have to use my touchpad.

I just had a new motherboard put in this thing a month ago. How the F*ck can it be messing up already.

I called the f*cktards at Gateway, of course their first response is, DO A FACTORY RESTORE. I advised the stupid bastard that I had already done so two times with no success. So they offered to look at it. Again, I have to wait to see if they fix it.

Sometimes this pisses me off. I don't want to go buy a g/d PS2 just to play the only game I will play on it. I have a freakin Wii.

Bastards at Square Enix need to get FF XII made for Wii or PC.

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