Need help with creating pnach file (game fix)
Hello, I managed to run one of games marked as "broken" in wiki ( I did it by applying patch directly to ISO. But then I realized that patch hit main executable of game. So in theory i can just patch ee memory with pnach to make it work, right? Nope. I'm not too much into pcsx2 scene, but I used pcsx2 many times to other researches, mainly to find secrets of ps3 to ps2 emulation. So i fully understand (i think..) most common pnaches that hits EE memory. But for some reason i can't get it to work correctly with pnach, but i got it running better by patching ISO. 

Long story short:

Change in ISO:

70 FF BD 27 6C 00 06 24 70 00 BF FF 2D 20 A0 03


E0 FE BD 27 6C 00 06 24 70 00 BF FF 2D 20 A0 03


2D 10 A0 03 70 00 BF DF 08 00 E0 03 90 00 BD 27


2D 10 A0 03 70 00 BF DF 08 00 E0 03 20 01 BD 27

Make game run much better than (EEC195CA - iso 26EF269A): 

gametitle=Ice Age 2 (US)
comment= SLUS_213.07
//Intro screen freeze fix

Assuming that patch=1 isn't problem because ISO patch make basically the same (?), i have no idea what is wrong.

Test place: First company movie
Patched iso: ~60 fps
Pnached iso: ~25 fps 
Clean ISO: not reached, freeze before movie.

I'm doing something wrong? Anyway, both ways make game playable Excl. I didn't tested it too much. Patch is coming from $ony HQ (ps3 to ps2 emulator), so it should be playable till the end, testers are welcome. 
Any help appreciated! Smile 
ps. Not sure is good place to post, but only other place on forum I found is dev discussion, where I can't post.

Edit: Sorry I forgot, PCSX2 version 1.4.0 - settings most default with all speedhacks enabled excl. Fast CDVD. Other settings default.

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Currently I am out of town so can't test this patch but can you please explain what is the problem after applying the pnach file? Fps drops from 60 to 25? But it's good to know that this game works now without ee cache mode.
Yes it was only when pnach was applied, instead of direct ISO patch. But it look like that was problem at my end. Now I tried again run game to describe more precise when, and how slowdowns occur, but it seems working fine now with pnach. Sad

I have another question. Is there a list of 100% not working games on PCSX2? I though that Ice Age 2 is one of them because I found that info on wiki, but you are saying that "ee cache mode" fix it.

There is a chance I can help with some broken games, until they are really broken. Smile Thanks for the answer, and sorry for my English. Sometime is hard to understand me. Smile
Oh, hey, thanks a bunch for posting this patch in PAL thread, if you could post your NTSC version here: that would be great.

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