Need help with fps
Here are my PC specs. Am using PCSX2 1.4.0, and I can get the emulator to start up really at normal speed. But as soon as the game starts everything becomes slow. I have try configuring, settings in my video and audio, also moved the preset to 6. Which made it better but still a little slow after about 5 minutes in a game. So my question is can my pc even run the emulator or am I just wasting my time. If it also help the main reason I want to get PCSX2 working is to play Final Fantasy X. 

 Processor - AMD E-300 APU

Memory(RAM) - 3.00 GB

System type - Windows 10 64 bit processor

Graphics card - AMD Radeon HD 6310

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nothing you can do until you can get a much faster pc. it's best to stick to your PS2 for now.
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^ Nobbs knows this. The pain he suffered at the hands of that chip right there. It's legendary.
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