Need help with lag
Ok so, Im running PCSX2 1.0.0 with a motionjoy plugin (dont think it makes a difference. Now Im trying to play a game called Headhunter and its lagging like crazy. Every other game I have runs fine (with a few lag points in the game but thats usual) How can I make it run faster (its only running at about 18 fps)

My DxDiag:

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Like PC games, each PS2 game has it's own demands on the machine. That combination with a (relatively for that task) CPU with an integrated video using shared memory (which is slow for video parameters) will take it's toll on more demanding games.

O don't even know that game and can't say how it fares on PCSX2. Supposing it is playable, what you can verify from PCSX2 main file, you may need to kick a little more on the speed hacks.

In the end very few laptops of today are adequate to run PCSX2 without FPS drop in most games.

As general experiment you should start running in native mode at GSDX plugin. Advance EE cyclerate and/or VU cycle stealing. Should be a point where you get the best performance before the game start to present other kind of problems, like sound desync and such.
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Plus you are trying to run on Intel integrated GPU on an i3, known to perform badly under pressure. 2.13 ghz is really not enough for that CPU and PCSX2

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