Need help with mouse movement configuration
Guys i've been playing Armored Core :LR with a keyboard and mouse.
On the keyboard there's no prob, but i realized the mouse movement isn't that good, or at least isn't that smooth, unlike pc fps games.
I can change the sensitivity just fine but the main prob is that i can't move my mouse diagonally (other directions no prob), so i have to move left then up to get a diagonal move, if i move my mouse diagonally it'll just move to the closest direction (just left or up). When i tried /w joystick it can move diagonally just fine.
Is there something wrong with my mouse config in pcsx2 ??

my current setting for mouse is :
Mouse API : DIrectInput/Windows messanging (tried both, still the same)
my mouse cursor is hidden and the focus is unticked
btw my mouse deadzone for all direction is set to 0, nothing much happen thou

your help is appreciated Smile

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please help guyss Sad

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