Need help with my controller for kingdom hearts
i bought a logitech controller today f310 and i started playing and at first it was working find but something happen and when i try the config it now says no dual shock controller. it will still more sora but it allso moves my command set up and down when i move up and which makes it impossible to fight guys.

if you need to know anymore information just let me know and ill post.

please help. i love this game and i dont like using the keypad for.

oh and its just my dpad and my analog controller that doesnt work properlly can someone help please

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Try set ur button on lillypad plugin
I'm going to assume that when you made the key bindings, you mapped both the Dpad and the left analog to the same keys.
Now while that isn't possible unless you explicitly tick the option to map multiple PC controls to one button, it would mean that your controller doesn't have its analogs activated, so check that first?

Each direction for an analog should have a different entry (no diagonals) and the Dpad should be separate as well. Double-check everything.

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