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Need help with problems with cheating in Kingdom Hearts (Original)
This is set of cheats I'm currently running


// Infinite HP (SORA)
// Infinite MP (SORA)

// Infinite HP (P1)(Battle)
// Infinite MP (P1)(Battle)

These codes certainly do give me infinite health and mana, but it also gives infinite health to the enemies of some worlds. So far, the worlds I am encountered this glitch at Halloween town and Atlantica.

Another issue, albeit minor, is running the game at 60 fps.  I am aware of the code for this;

// 60 FPS Kingdom Hearts 1 NTSC U/C


But while this does give me 60 fps, in game, it speeds up the cutscenes. The characters in cutscene just speed through their dialogue leaving the animation the fall behind 4-5 seconds.

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