Need help with transparency issues!
Hello there, fellow emulator users. I've run into a problem with the emulator when playing the 'Fullmetal Alchemist: The Broken Angel' game whilst using the default plugins. When in cutscenes, I lag but when I press (F9), I change from Direct3D9 (Hardware), to Direct3D9 (Software) and that fixes THAT problem.

Anyway, on to the problem at hand. When using Direct3D9 (Hardware), I get perfect framerate BUT some things are transparent, like the ladder to the top of the train on the first level. But when I change to Direct3D9 (Software) I get terrible framerate, but the game lags. Any workaround for this? Help is appreciated!

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When you are using software mode, it lags because it only uses your CPU instead of your CPU alongside the GPU. Also, try to set the Direct3D to Direct3D10 or Direct3D11 as it is faster. I'm not sure as I cannot try it out now, I'm on a school computer, but try allowing 8bit textures.

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