Need some Answers if not busy
okay so i been testing out some games with the emulator on cd that i own, then ripped with achol 120 and i don't see a diff in speed really but when trying out a game one piece grand adventure i noticed some lag so i searched and looked for answers with no dice. So instead i decided to change the preset to aggressive lol, THEN TO THE END BEYOND AGGRESSIVE. It said it is harmful which means? To my pc? like ram, cpu, gpu etc? or does it mean just for the emulator? Because if it is on my pc that would suck, but i never see my cpu or ram go to 100% usually just chills at 20 to 30 on both when on it. If you need clarification on this matter i can try to explain it better but my english is dull so i apologise.

thank you for your time and patience on answering this matter i appreciate it

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what is your CPU and your video card?
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don't think that matters lol my question is just if setting the preset over aggressive is harmful to pc or just the emulators? as in games or w.e but its amd x6 geoforce gtx 560
No not harmful your PC Smile just that lots of games will be broken and you will most likely have graphical issues
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huh? where the heck does it says "harmful"?
(03-19-2012, 07:11 AM)naoan Wrote: huh? where the heck does it says "harmful"?

yes an answer lol thanks much ima keep it on aggressive then since it goes fully

Also it says harmful when you look into emulation settings and set the preset past aggressive its in red text o.o
whelp yeah, didn't see that. Tongue2

it means it would be harmful to your games, as is your playing experience, like crashing randomly (the pcsx2, not your pc) and such.

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