Need some Help With Resident Evil Outbreak File #2
Here's my problem

I can't go past the Language selection Screen.
Look @_@

My controllers are working fine and I'm using PCSX2 0.9.8 Emulator (The latest version I think?). The settings are in default and I'm using the Lilypad Plugin(which is also by default).


Please I need some help here, I really want to play this game

P.S. Just tell me what I still need to post to help you figure out my problem

Sorry about that I didn't make my title clear Tongue it's Resident Evil Outbreak File #2

and also the controller was disconnected when I took the screenshot, my problem is that the controller doesn't work, because even if I press any button on the controller it doesn't pick the language and I've also used the keyboard but still no progress Sad

EDIT #2:
OK I just found my solution I just re-installed my Emulator and it workedBiggrin you can close/delete this thread now.

BTW thanks recoder for bothering to answer my Problem Biggrin

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Whats RE File #2. :o

Well, seems like the controller is detached. Attach the controller and make sure drivers are updated and re-run the game. What happens when you select a language? Try changing the API's. If not try playing from keyboard Smile

Also, tick the DirectInput. Alternatively try disabling the XInput.
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