Need some PCSX2 guidance
Hello dear internet anonymous friends,
(thanks ahead for taking some time to read my post)

So, installed PCSX2 via Wine on my MBP .  Although it runs ok (I mean, it's free, can't really complain), it slows down throughout certain parts when I'm playing FFX (the sole reason I wanted PCSX2 for in the first place), and it's simply ruining the whole experience. 

I've been reading various threads that suggests tweaks to the PCSX2 settings to help with the issue, have implemented this configuration guide, and I've also encountered threads suggesting to use Crossover or to use Bootcamp to run Windows 10 and run PCSX2 through those avenues. Currently, I'm still using PCSX2 via Wine but would like to know what process I should use to optimize my PCSX2 experience on my MBP while keeping drawbacks to a minimum, if not completely avoid (I'm only going to be playing FFX).

Perhaps I could get better performance running a dual boot (Windows 10), and simply using that for my emulating. But I read that my laptop model (late 2011) is incompatible and encounters issues when dual booting win10, so other sources suggests I install Windows 7 instead to avoid the issues. 

Thianonymous internet ghost friend claims to have installed win10 without problems on a Late-2011 MBP, but it took "more than 35 hours". Wow!

In any case, I don't really mind taking the time to hack any one of these processes out, be it Crossover, Win10 or 7 Bootcamp (I wouldn't mind trying to dual boot Linux instead either, I've used it for my Virtual Machine in the past), Anyway, there seem to be various roads to take to the destination, 

So, in short, tl;dr, can a tech savvy fella suggest what avenue would be best to take with regard to my specs? 

MBP (Sierra (10.12)) (Late 2011):
  • 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
  • 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB
(Also, not sure if it matters, read somewhere that it didn't, but I just replaced my HDD with a 1TB SDD)

Please help a confused fella out  Wacko

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Why not just install the MAC specific build instead of using an emulator to run an emulator?
Maybe because the Mac port is completely outdated ?
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