Need some help regarding input
Hey everybody,

It's a great community here and i appreciate all the work you guys have been putting out so far. Right on mates!

There is one thing i'm asking your help about. I installed v0.9.6 and inserted my MGS3-Snake Eater disc,started it successfully using Start CD/DVD but when it comes to "Press Start button" screen i don't know what to do. I pressed every single key on keyboard and it still doesn't changes.

Can anybody write me here equivalent keys of gamepad on keyboard? Which one is start,which one is A,B,C,D ?

Thanks in advance!

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You need to configure those yourself. Goto Config>Configure and find First Controller, then select a pad plugin from the drop down menu, Lilypad has worked great for me. Then press configure and you can set up the buttons. It sounds as if this is your first time so I would recommend reading this guide.
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