Need some help setting really stuck
in the past ive set up a n64,nes,gameboy advance,and ps1 emulator.. but this has me stuck.. iKNOW my computer can handle it.. cas i just got this computer a few days ago and its a gaming laptop (nvidia graphics card ,i5prossessor, 4 gig ram) when i try to set up it says somethingabout needing to update direct x and so i was like "ok" and followed the link to the website and got the download but when i try to install it says "an internal system error occurred. please refer to DXError.log and DirectX.log in your windows folder to determin problem." .. i have NO clue what to do.... i heard somewere that i might need to downgrade my direct but i dont want to do that to this computer cas its brand new and i want to keep all its software up to date.

a few other questions

-can i run games by putting the actual game into the cd drive on my computer .

-whats this elf file thing that it has

how do i load a game?

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Quote:-can i run games by putting the actual game into the cd drive on my computer
yes, using gigahertz DVD plugin
Quote:whats this elf file thing that it has
those are executable files readable by the PS2
Quote:how do i load a game

about your directx problem, try using the redist
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thanks.. but i dont think there is a problem with direct x.... like i dont need to reistall that link the newest version?
my computer says i have directx 11
DirectX comes in small updates.
Always run the DX web updater and let it check if you have the latest revision.
(Or use that link, it's current enough for GSdx.)

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