Need some help to configure PCSX2 (E8200 + ati 4870) (screens inside)
Hello there,

I'm desperately trying to play Shadow of the colossus with PCSX2 but I can't seem to configure it properly

This is what I got ingame:
[Image: sotc1.jpg]
[Image: sotc2.jpg]

Even though it says 60FPS, the game is kinda laggy and the framerate doesnt feel smooth at all...It's playable but not very enjoyable...So I'm wondering if it's possible to improve it ?

My config:
E8200 non oc - 2,66gh
Ati 4870 1go
2go ram
Win 7 32bits
screen = LCD 60hrz (17")

PCSX2 config:
[Image: pcsx20.jpg]
[Image: pcsx21.jpg]
[Image: pcsx22.jpg]
[Image: pcsx23.jpg]

Do you see any problems in there or anything I could use ?

Thanks by advance if you can help

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Read the tooltip in "VU Cycle Stealing" slider and the "Enable speedhacks" checkbox. It is much faster than making a thread asking why.
I did actually, and I've tried plenty of parameters but it's chinese for me...

I tried what they've said in this thread:
But still can't get a smooth game...

Maybe I'm asking too much (sorry then..), but can't you just tell me what should I use ?
To improve this game with well fps and not become fake FPS be caused too much using Speedhacks/vucycle hacks max is add your cpu speed to +1ghz from your clock default, then use vucycle maximum x2/x1 (lower is better without fake FPS result)
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
Don't mess with EE cyclerate, just set VU steal to 3. It's normal for the animations to be choppy, it's the same on PS2 but you knew that right? Wink I like to play SOTC at 120% speed with async audio, it feels a little smoother.
This is CPU dependent which means you need a 4GHz+ Sandy Bridge to get it to run at full speed without hacks.
EE cycle hack and VU cycle stealing fakes the framerate of this game and skipps the frames so that it runs like you had frameskip turned on.

But when you turn off both of these hacks, the GPU limitation would a problem.
At least on my GT540M it is.

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I highly doubt you own 4 ps2s...
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