Need some help with FFXII
Hi there, Current specs are as follows:

Cpu : AMD Phenom 9550
Ram : 4gb
Graphics card : NVidia gtx 280
Direct X : DX9 newest driver
PCSX2: 0.9.6
OS : winxp 64

Config settings :

Graphics : zerog 0.97.1
Sound : spu2-x 1.1.0
Controller : Lilypad 0.9.9
cdvdrom : Linuz Iso 0.8.0
Dev9 : dev9nulldriver 0.3.0
Usb : usbnulldriver 0.5.0
firewire : fwnulldriver 0.4.0

Issue :

Ok, so I took the liberty to try replaying FFXII... Only to find out I'm having issues booting it! I'm inclined to believe that the issue is in the cdvdrom driver but I could be wrong.

Step one : Select Cdvdrom Driver, Config it so that it runs off my ISO Image of the game. (no compress or decompress fiddling)

Step two : Hit execute. Error rom2/erom not found.

Step three : Try again using Run cd/dvd. Error loading XXXXX.iso

Step four : Try with a different cd driver. (cycle through and find only linuz & gigaherz therefor choose gigaherz. Mount Iso to X: drive, run dvd/cd. Result : Screen loads, shows fps, but stays black and only responds to the escape key.

Edited :

Did some further reading, Linuz apparently isn't any good for running mounted images and i dont know about unmounted ones. Also read some people having similar problem with diff games. Some people said burning the image to a disc worked for them, So, I'll try that and post up what I get.

Edited :

Burning to DVD and playing off DVD fixed the problem.

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Try using File; Run DVD from the iso. And also try Linuz 0.9.0.
You can't use Linuz ISO on a mounted image. Unmount the image and select the ISO file directly from within the Linuz plugin.
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