Need some help with God of War II bug
so first im sorry for my english im not american Tongue

when I get to the cut scene where I meet the guy thats chained to the bone hand and that bird eats him and than he revives himself, at the end of the vid it freezes and I can hear some repetitive sound..

what can I do to fix this prob? thanks in advance Smile
btw I tried to do the skip mpeg thing but it doesnt work.. or maybe I didnt do it well..

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try to use a completed mem card save and skip vids in the game without having to skip mpeg w8 acouple days and iwill upload a 100% completed gow2 mem card save to solve the problem of the vids noce and for all cheers
thank u very much SmileSmileSmile
does it make difference if pal or ntsc?
I can upload it right away if you need a NTSC cleared game save.
ah.. funny thing is.. I dunno if my gow 2 is ntsc or pal....... Tongue either way.. it works.. so yeah Id love for a 100% save file Smile

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