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Need some help with a game loading issue.
Hi all, I am trying to play one of the xtreme legends expansions for the dynasty/samurai warrior games, and I seem unable to load the orignal data, the disc swap seems to mess up and the game always gives me a "Wrong disc error" even though its the right iso. Anyway to make this work? Any tips be apprecated because I am pretty stumped atm, I only know the basics of how it works in terms of disc loading and such (I always use an iso of the game), and don't know what I could possibly try to get it to work. I was going to try mounting the dw5xl disc and seeing if one of the plugins can be set to read off of that drive maybe, but which one? and can I do this?

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You can't yet. Disc swapping is still buggy and the DW/SW games are known to suffer from those bugs.
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I remember there was a fix for monster rancher evo that involved using daemon tools to mount the image you wanted to swap to and have the regular iso that you start out with be done regularly with pcsx2 and for some reason it had worked, different game but worth a try still.
Nope, I've tried every possible solution, believe me it just won't work Tongue
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Damn this makes me a sad panda, dw5 xl sounds so damned good lol. Need to load orignal so it'll unlock all the content from dw5 in xl.
Can't you just use complete save data from gamefaqs or something instead?
No point in playing it then, it's complete Tongue Also you don't get the stages from the original unless you load it, so you're left with 5-6 maps
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Ah right then, I'm not too familiar with the game, thought it could work.
Well I notice when you go to swap discs, for some reason the emulator is not reading the game ID or crc at all, which might explain why dw5 XL says wrong disc, since it technacally doesn't know what disc is in the drive due to the iso plugin not reading that info off the disc. I am pretty sure the game ID is vital to the swap disc process. Maybe someone with some know how should look into this? Me? I don't know how to program worth crap, it all flys over my head.

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