Need some help with config =\
Hey PCSX2 community... new here.

My ps2 really turned me off after i got my hands on an xbox360 controller, so here I am trying to get this emulator to run so i can use my xbox 360 controller on PS2 games.

Anyways, I'm testing with devil may cry 3 special edition. This may not be the best game for it =\

I'll say first off, i read the english guide posted here before posting this.

Problem: The game runs fine until the actual gameplay starts. Frames are off the hook, but once you control dante it slows to around 50%.

Note: I run the exe file as administrator and compatability mode with XP
System Specs:
Windows Vista Home
Core 2 Duo 2.5ghz
Dual Nvidia Geforce 8700 GT
4 Gigs ram
Full HD monitor 1920/1200

Plugins (What I thought should work =\)

GSdx 1.5 (latest posted here as of like an hour ago)
Resolution- Tried a few, no real difference. Would like 1920/1200 tho
Runnin D310 Hardware
No interlacing (trying to get this runnin faster first)
16:9 ratio
Internal res 1024x1024
Only non-grayed thats checked is "allow 8 bit textures)

I got the 2x speed hack on and all 3 check boxes to the right side of the window checked

SPU-X 1.1 Defaults

CD- Gigaherz CD plugin
(I am running off a mounted ISO, however the actual ISO plugin errors saying it cant open the ISO and plugin failed... yet the test says it works)

Usin lillypad an the rest is null or default

USA ver2 bios (I dont have any other bios FYI)

Any help would be really cool and if theres any more info on my config you would like to know just ask!

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To get more speed you just have to set internal res on,maybe overclock your pc,and get a better graphics card,seriously i think that game its very gpu intensive
Hrm i guess, theres some guy on youtube that runs it fine on an 8800 =\

the slowdown is really smooth tho, an seems like its nothin for my pc. Maybe thats just how pcsx2's slowdown works, but in my experience on pc games it should be more choppy on the slowdown
Or you can buy the game for pc Laugh
(07-20-2009, 03:43 AM)DevotedStar Wrote: Or you can buy the game for pc Laugh

thats right Happy

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