Need some help with ff x
I guys. I wanted to play ff x with pcsx2 in my pc but it running really slow.

My cpu is an intel core i3 m 330 @ 2.13GHz, i have 4 GB of ram and my graphic card is an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 and my SO is the windows 7 64 bits version.

What is thebest configuration for pcsx2 so i can run the game fater?

Thank you for your help.

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Put your laptop power plan to High Performance.

Don't forget to enable speed hacks too.
you should properly configure it to run fast

on the graphics plug in for video choose either directx 10 or 11 hardware when u are configuring it. also tick native resolution. that will speed the game up

in speedhacks set ee cycle rate to 2

pressing tab puts the emulator in turbo mode but it only works if emulator is running at normal speed. if its slow then it won't help

the game is huge and there are a lot of extra things u can do in it. get the walkthrough for it from and do a search for the game. when you complete the game play final fantasy x-2

btw how old is your laptop? are u using home premium 64 bit? are u always doing windows updates? what version of pcsx2 are u using?

are u having any stability issues with windows? is it freezing and crashing? if yes then before u start playing format your machine, put windows 7 pro or ultimate 32 bit or 64 bit. install the needed drivers and switch off windows updates. then install pcsx2 and configure it like how i told u. i faced problems when i was playing it because my windows was bad. i formatted and put a stable windows then things were smooth again

enjoy the game :-)
Do the following First to set up your pc to properly use its resources:
(google for how to to these if you are unsure)
set Power options to High Performance. This will make sure 100% of the CPUs raw power is used at all times. drains laptop batteries, use with caution
Do a system defrag (do this. I do it daily as I sleep) and disc check (will tie up pc, unusable for 45 mins, average, can be skipped but recommended. I generally do this each week while I sleep)

if this doesn't help, report back.

(note this is taken from a guide I made a while back)

if that doesn't help, try this:

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