Need some help with settings.
Hey guys. Well I just had a horrible year so far. I parked my Ryzen for much needed upgrades. 2 weeks ago my I7 popped 2 caps and Now I am sitting with an AMD FM1 A8-3870K with and RX470. I don't need much more tbh as I do web development and not much gaming.

I really want to play some of my old ps 2 collection but the problem is I get 43fps average and sometimes less. I know that this emulator are more cpu intense. I use to have an fx 4170 with a gtx 1050 ti and it could not run GT4. I upgraded with the same gpu to a ryzen 5 2600 and it run it full speed. Now I did try and find a vulkan driver for 1.6.0 as this cpu does not have avx. If i remember correct this cpu has sse 4 and PCSX 2 need 4.1 ( speaking under correction ) This cpu is over clocked and you can't tell me this cpu runs slower than my old FX 4170 as only game it Struggled with was GT3/4 and it had a 1050 ti and not a true quad core.

What I tried was oc my cpu from 3ghz to 3.3ghz I can go higher as I have an AIO on but personally I don't see that it will make that much of a difference and If I want to do so I need more volt on cpu I got 300mhz with an undervolt.

I tried different hack/settings.
I tried Different backend.
I tried higher resolution to force PCSX 2 to be gpu bound.

Funny thing is. Even on 1440p and 4k it still runs at 43fps average also with different backends. I can try to force 30fps lock with riva tuner. It may work but this is the only emulator I have problems with. Everything else works fine. Forgot to mention that I tested it with NFS Carbon mainly to keep it constant for test purposes.

Sorry for the long text but man I am at whips end with this as I cannot see how this emulator uses more resources than my other emulators.

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well, your A8 is clearly the bottleneck, here
It has an STR of 1219 without overclocking (maybe can push around 1300-1350 with that overclocking) which is clearly sub par for pcsx2.
sweet spot with 1.6 was around 1600, maybe 1800 for demanding games like GT4

I guess you'll have to keep using your real ps2 until you can get a better cpu
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