Need some help ya know
[Image: EbLD9.png]
That's running Direct3D10 (Hardware)
any others will either have a ***** FPS or have a black screen.
I've updated my directX. I'm using 1,0,0, and it's not my specs.
I've tried every setting on the planet, any help?

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Not enough info;p.
Especially what's the game, any non default settings you're using and ofc. your cpu and gpu.

From what you posted you can only hear a guess that the game probably is playable only in software rendering and for that your cpu is too weak and that's probably true anyway unless you have some intel igp as they tend to have glitches in hardware rendering as a feature even in the latest models. Which generally would lead to a suggestion that you can continue to play the game on your ps2 untill you get a better pc. Tongue

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