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Need some quick help/Performance trouble
Hey guys, I've got some questions here.
First of all, I'd like to know one thing... I've read the configuration guide and did some fooling around with the options... I've got a GeForce GTX560M, and i7 with 2.2Ghz, also 12gb of ram. I get quite nice fps in the two games I've been playing(GT4 and Destroy All Humans 2). GT4 plays quite nice actually, some slowdowns here and there, but okay. However, DAH2 kinda performs clunky. With speedhacks, I can get 100fps without breaking a sweat, but it doesnt feel smooth at all somehow.
I'd like someone to help me get the most out of my system..
Thanks for your time, and sorry for failing to understand the guide properly..
Here are my settings

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turn off the speedhacks, this is what makes it feel jumpy and not smooth. What FPS are you getting without?

Also please provide your system specs. (which game is DAH2 anyway?)
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I've noticed that using speedhacks for Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando causes the emu to report much higher framerates on my system than what I'm actually getting, and it causes things like the audio to go out of sync. Tongue Using them may seem like a good idea, and they can help a little bit, but in reality if a game is running so poorly that you feel like turning the speedhack sliders all the way up, it means that your system is simply not strong enough to run the game you want to play.
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^the motherboard in this box has been swapped for an ASUS P5B Laugh

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