Need to test my setup (trying to play FF XII)
I have an AMD quad core 9950
Built in TI Radeon™ 3000

Well i was using a dang old version!!

I will keep you updated... damn newbie.

What info would you guys need to help me out? I have the image mounted via alcohol and I have the ISO...

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Upgrade pcsx2 from you ancient version to more modern one.
don't use alcohol its not good for your health Tongue2
Use Linuz ISO plugin to load the ISO directly.
Use gsdx sse2 plugin for graphics and keep the "native" checkbox enabled.
Disable speed hacks if your game does not work
Use speed hacks if your game is slow
for everything else read the guide.
Thanks for the tips whats a good speed hack for FF XII?

I got it working but its slow Smile
Use all of them first, than reduce VU and EE hacks, if speed is ok (I think EE 1.5 and VU 3 would be nice, but hard to tell). You videocard is low, so use native resolution first.

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