Need to update my direct x?
I'm already using Directx10 Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family, but still when i try to run the game, it says "Please update DirectX! Would you like to open the download page in your browser?" then "The GS plugin failed to open/initialize" Can anyone please help me what to do? I would appreciate it so much.. :'(

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You're using an Intel intergrated chipset?
The only intel GPU's I'd ever consider are the upcoming larrabee (CPU/GPU)
But you've got to update it, but you probably won't get good speed's.
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does it mean i can't be able to play it well? :'( any other suggestions please,, :'(
You still need to update DirectX. DirectX10 has like over a dozen revisions, the most recent of which came out in late March 2009. Run the DX10 web installer, and Gsdx should work fine afterward.
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where can i find the dx10 web installer?
what if i try to downgrade my OS to xp? would it give me no error on direct x? please help.. :'(

OMG i can use google!!111
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does using directx 9.c won't give me anymore errors?
No,you still need to update it.
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can anyone give me a link to download dx10 web installer? cause i can't download it in the microsoft cause my OS is not genuine.. :'( please..

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