Poll: Best Mobo pair (performance)
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Set A
3 37.50%
Set B
0 0%
Set C
1 12.50%
Set D
4 50.00%
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Needing advice or comments on my planned PCSX2 emulator PC
Hi guys, I need help on this...

Set A: ($246)
Intel E7400 (2.80G) 3mb 1066fsb C2D
Gigabyte GAEP45-UD3L P45 S/GL

Set B: ($142)
Athlon 64 X2 7850 (2.8G) 3mb black ed.
Asus M3A78-CM A780V/V-pcie/S/GL

Set C: ($203)
Phenom X4 9650 (2.3G) Box
Asus M3A78-CM A780V/V-pcie/S/GL

Set D: ($168)
Intel E7400 (2.80G) 3mb 1066fsb C2D
Asus P5KPL-AM/PS G31 1333/GL

2x Kingston 2GB 800 ddr2
Force3D HD4830 512ddr3 256b hdmi

Which of the following set is the best for pxs2 emulation? A, B, C or D
I not sure if (SET B) would have the same performance as (SET A).
And also would the motherboard matter? Im asking because im also looking into for the best in price performance ratio.

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A and D, as core2duos are currently the best choice for pcsx2, the mainboard shouldn't matter that much, but i'd choose A, cause the p45/43 chipsets are reliable platforms for fast gaming desktops.
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I have to agree with zero29, the C2Ds will give noticeably better results than AMD processors. I'd probably take Choice D and spend the saved $80 on something useful, maybe like on a decent cooler so you can OC the processor, maybe some extra RAM too.
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A or D, choice is yours Smile
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thank you guys Smile
i like asus but the Gigabyte motherboard of set A seems to have better things ( the asus seems have little space between components might not be good to overclock or not as much as others), i would go with ASUS P5Q PRO its probably cheaper than the Gigabyte, you would be better with a hd4770 than HD4830, they are cheaper and cooler, when i buyed my pc i noticed that you pay a lot for the name Kingston, might be better to get a G.Skill or other brand, you can get better ram that have better cycles and are better for overclocking because they have better dissipation of heat, with the same price.
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D is cheaper and good enough for overclocking - tested by me
PS E5200 (oc to 3.5 GHz, its possible on ASUS P5KPL-AM) is more than enough. No need for E7400 except SSE4.1 that can help (somehow, i dont know how exactly) with GSDX
the phenom wouldnt be a smart decision since it doesnt have SSE4.1
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i have phenom II and i can emulate most games smoothly, when i turn off frame rate limiter, FPS gets way over the limit, this SSE4.1 isint such a big deal. for now i only had 80-100% fps in rogue galaxy.
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I prefer A and D
but keep away from HD4xxx(GSdx weakness)....go for nvidia instead.
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