Netplay in pcsx2
hi,everybody,is it possible to play ps2 games via lan using pcsx2. I mean
that suppose I have a strong PC,my friend is connected via Lan with me.(he has ps2 and strong PC)
Then is it possible for him to play god of war using my PC.
if it is possible,then how?
plz help.

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Do a search before creating a new thread next time.
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maybe he asked for something other than PS2 emulated network..

Dolphin has a peer-to-peer netplay plugin that works for LAN/internet play.
maybe someone could copy that..
Congrats for necroing a 4 month old thread with absolutely nothing new or relevant to add.
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like your post?

i did mention Dolphin tho, if they can do it.. i see why not PCSX2 can't
Pscx2 source codding is different compare with Dolphin thus don't compare both function. In addition, it is waste of time for further development PCSX2 play games online which now a day how many PS2 game can or need to play via internet (online) ?

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