Netplay possibility?
In recent news, Dolphin Gamecube/Wii added netplay support:

i was wondering if you plan this as well (maybe just port it over from Dolphin).. if so, when (grossly estimated) do you have this on your roadmap Smile

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Best question is why would we want netplay for the ps2? I can see Netplay for dolphin because of SSBB. and because Wii > PS2 when it comes to netplay. It would really be a waste of time developing netplay for PS2 they should shift their goals elsewhere like more compatibility for games.
there are a lot of great 2D fighting games for PS2.. and 2D games run great and stable

if i want to play singleplayer, i can do this on my acual PS2 console
Been discussed. See that little search button near the top? Pretty as it is, it's not purely decorative. Smile
ok, sorry

/thread Smile

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