Netted/Pixelated graphics... please help!!
Immediately after downloading the emulator and playing our first game we were thrilled! Everything looked great; the speed of the audio was a bit accelerated, but with some quick searches and trial n' error, we were able to fix it. This newest issue however hasn't been as easy. I've spent the better part of the hour trying to find something related to this particular graphics issue. There's a myriad of useful info out there, but nothing quite like this. If I've missed it in this forum I apologize. In either case, I sincerely appreciate your help!!!  

ISSUE: Pixelated / Netted graphics (up-close they appear to be a tessellation of hexagons) on all games and loading screens

CAUSE: Unknown - My kids got a hold of the keyboard while I was in another room and when I returned, graphics were changed. I've attempted adjusting the settings and rebooting the system several times, even restoring the default, all to no avail.

I've attached several different screen shots of what's going on including a thumbnail view of one of the pictures from the 'toggle open window' menu on my computer. Again, thanks for your help!


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While running the game, press f7 until it goes away
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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