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Network Access Disc Help

Im wanting to play LAN games across a local network at my place. Ive got the DEV9giga-razi on a old pcsx2 version which allows network etc

Now I need to give my pcsx2 a network IP etc and I assume I need to load the network access disc but when I try it doesn't load up and just shows a black screen

Im using PCSX2 r5406

How do I give it a network IP etc?

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hmm ok I found out that no matter what version of PCSX2 im running games wont load if I have DEV9giga-razi plugin on and network enabled. Just locks up on black screen

Ive tried different versions of DEV9giga-razi and tried running as admin
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PCSX2 General Troubleshooting FAQ
yes ive followed that tutorial. Nothing works with official PCSX2 releases or SVN builds. Some builds load the network plugin but then will never load a game and just sit at black screen. However, I found a custom PCSX2 build made by Alexsharoff which allows netplay etc, copied the network plugin to it and changed settings to Ethernet mode and games boot up fine and LAN works with no issues. I don't understand why this build works perfectly but no official PCSX2 builds will work at all, ive even tried builds that other people say work fine eg 0.9.7 or certain 0.9.9 builds
no idea since this plugin's dev isn't really active for now.
If you want to know, see with this "Alexsharoff" guy. He's not part of the team and we have nothing to do with him.
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