Network Configuration errors
I have no chouce but to post this question again as the last one was closed for some reason:

Ever since i downloaded this program ive had a consistent problem.
I cannot configure my network settings on any game so that i CAN play online. I have no idea why but its just not working.
The game will play OK offline i havent seen too many issues aside from slow play, but the instant i go to configure my network settings everythings really screwed up, i see no text, there are wierd dots floating on the page. Does anyone know what the issue may be?? Why do games play ok but network configuration is outrageously messed up?

Also, (less important question) do the newer versions of pcsx2 come with the ethernet emulation?

The first question is where i really need help, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Im wondering if its a hardware problem or if the program simply isnt compatible with my computer? Is it possible that everythng EXCEPT the playstation network configuration pages would be displayed perfectly because of a program erorr or my hardware error?

How do i fix this?

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It was closed because apparently you can't ***** understand, after numerous attempts to force reason into that thick brain of yours that:


You are 97.635% likely to NOT be able to get your emulator to even connect to the internet properly.

Stop asking about ***** that is barely implemented, already.
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Enough. Doing what I should have done ages ago.
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