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Network play help
I am trying to play starwars battlefront 2 on multiplayer but when i hit the multiplayer button, it says no network adapter is detected.

I heard I need a dev9.dll or something.

Can someone help me here?

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I put the megadev9.dll in plugins and booted up the game.

It is creating a HDD image.
It went through and when i try to add a network connection, it says no hardware dectected. My pc is connected via wifi. should i be ether for thsi to work?
megadev9.dll is not a network plugin.

What you're looking for is:
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Is it the Dev9_razi one? If so, I tried it and it didnt show up as a option in the config. The megadev9 got me far enough to the network connection adding but it wont go farther cause it can't find the hardware(adapater)
Yes Dev9_razi is the one you want, you need to have winpcap installed for it to show and you need the network disc to configure well... the network.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
I have x64. I thought only x86 needed it. I will install it anyways. and about the network config, the game has a built in one. Can i use that?

Edit- I changed the Dev9 to the razi one and pcsx crashes when i try to apply settings
Can you post the content of the emulog.txt file after you get that crash?
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
is this it?

Attached Files
.txt   emuLog.txt (Size: 1,26 KB / Downloads: 238)
Doesn't look like... it says you're running the First Time wizard? Oo
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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