Never Seen this bios.
So, As the title says. I have never seen this bios in any of the packs around the net. I had decided to dump my personal ps2's bios files and I got Bios 1.70 from 2003 O-o I didn't even know this bios existed until today. posting attachment to show that it is a proper dump and not a download I found.


I can also provide a picture of my ps2 and the dumping software if need be to further prove that it's not a downloaded.

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Well I'm glad you dumped your own, you shouldn't be looking around the web for packs, that would be illegal Smile
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Well.. I couldn't dump it before. tho I thought it was 2.0 but apparently it wasn't
the most common versions on a fat ps2 i think are 1.6 and 1.7.
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What is the CRC32 or SHA1 of your .BIN file?
SHA-1 is d269d1ed513227f3ef7133c76cf1b3a64f97b15d
CRC32 is 9a99e3f4
MD5 is 8aa12ce243210128c5074552d3b86251

Edit: Just realized something. I think my ps2 is set 1 day ahead ._. its not the 30th yet.
It's probably set to GMT, it's 1am here now Tongue
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That BIOS is in the redump database as
SCPH-50001 (Version 5.0 03/25/03 A)

It's been seen before.
well I didn't doubt it was seen before, I was just mentioning that I have never seen it anywhere before,
also I know this topic is finished but when you asked for the CRC I was fully thinking you were checking to see if i had actually ripped it from my own ps2 or not XD

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