New CPU Cooler lowering performance ?
Hello Guys,

I got a Q9550 CPU. For months, I had the box cooler inside my computer (the cooler that comes with the CPU). But this thing was so f*cking loud, so I bought a new one. Now I'm using the "Arctic CPU Cooler 1366/AM2 Freezer 7 Pro Rev2". It runs very smooth and most important the cooler is very silent. Cool

But now I got a problem. With the new cooler inside my computer, my pcsx2 has lowered performance. Now I'm playing FFX-2. With my old CPU Cooler I had 70-100FPS on 1920x1080. With my new cooler I only got 30-50 FPS. I really dont know what happened. I did'nt change anything in the settings in pcsx2 or at my computer.

Does someone has an idea what I can do?

Many thanks!

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what does the temperature says?? (Coretemp)
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Make sure nothing in the case got knocked out of its respective slot.

My best guess is maybe you put too much thermal grease or did something else to cause it to run hotter so it is throttling. Changing coolers in itself would not cause a fps drop.

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