New CPU questions
Hi Guys

I have the following specs

AMD X4 550BE 3.4GHZ
Asus AM3 sockect 980SLI board
4 GB DDR3 8,8,8,24
Geforce 460 1GB
120GB OCZ SSD + 1GB Samsung F3 HDD
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

Just wondering how much better performance would I get going to a AMD 1075T 3.0GHZ and say clock it to 3.6GHZ?

Or should I get a cheap P67 Board with a Intel 2500 sandy bridge chip?




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get the P67 board+intel 2500 chip..
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thanks for that anyone using one with the emu ?
I saw some pcsx2 benches with the sandybrige chip (i7-2600k).
It worked wonderfully with an overclock.
Since the i5-2500k can overclock to the same speeds, and is cheaper, you can opt for it instead, if money is an issue.

The i5-2500k will preform the same as that i7-2600k, clock for clock, in Hardware Mode, with both PCSX2 and Dolphin.

But yeah, as the man said, all K-series i-core CPUs (K designates them as overclockable) require a motherboard with a P67 Chipset, because the H67 chipset doesn't support overclocking.
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