New Configuration Guide and translations
Hey everyone,long time since I've posted some news on the PCSX2 site. For those who haven't noticed,the PCSX2 Configuration Guide has been updated for v0.9.2 and is now integrated in this site itself! You can view it simply by clicking on the "Guide" link at the main menu.

With the help of my buddy Falcon4ever, the guide has been converted to mybb code and we now have a new system for translations! The translators will be send a txt file which no longer has any code inside, making it easier for them as to what needs translating.

If anyone wants to apply for a translation, they must first drop me a mail at this address here. If there is no other translator working on the same language,I will send back a mail with the txt to be translated.You can also check on the updated WIP list on emuforums here. Note that translators are chosen at a first come basis!

I already have people translating for Greek,German,Italian,Dutch,Spanish,Russian,Serbian,Brazilian Portuguese,French,Polish,Swedish and Turkish so no need to apply for these languages.

The translated guides will be uploaded as soon as possible, after I receive them and check for errors and cases of babelfish.You will be able to select them by pressing the respective flag buttons on the guide page, after they are done Smile

Thats all from me, I'll get back to the usual beta testing slavery Smile
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