New Graphics Plugin, please help...
Alright, I would normally give my computer specs. but in this case, there's no need, because up until now the program has run fine on my computer.

But anyway, I was playing Final Fantasy X using PCSX2 with the graphics plugin GSdx.... 0.1.17, when it suddenly stopped working in the middle of a scene. So I was like "alright, I'll find a new graphics plugin" so i went online and downloaded ZeroGS, and i started playing again, and i got about 2 minutes after where it froze the first time. So I was wondering if there's another graphics plugin someone could suggest/recommend for me.

Also, just some extra info: I was at "home" in FFX right when i got to the "Summoners Sanctum". ( Just thought it might be a mutual problem?)

I'm desperate, I'm 20 hours into the game...
Please Help,
Thank You.

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It is a PCSX2 bug,not a gs plugin one.
The latest beta has it solved:
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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