New Laptop Specs
Alright guys, lets see what u think

Im getting a new, much needed laptop which i have researched and found in my opinion, the optimal balance of weight, power, and screen size for under 1500 dollars

now for the million dollar question....... how well should it run pcsx2?
it runs dolphin at full speed in 720p but the hardware for dolphin is not nearly as demanding as pcsx2. so give me a shout-out on your opinion. I dont need to be playing at that high of a res to be happy though. Cool

Sony Vaio
Screen Size: 15 inches 1080p
Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2.6 ghz, Turbo to 3.33 ghz
Ram: 6gbs ddr3 sdram
Video Card: Ati Mobility Radeon 5650
Operating System: Win 7 64bit professional
Disc drive: tray loading bd read/write drive
Hard Drive: 500gbs at 7200 rpm
fresh start option chosen so no bloatwareSmile

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It's a pretty good laptop (very much like the one I got for me Tongue) It should run some games at full speed, some others almost full speed with speed hacks and some at mid level speeds so if you don't run any demanding game it should do well. Do note that it only turbo boosts to that clock if only 1 core is used, which will not be the case with PCSX2 (and most modern applications/games)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
...And the GPU will most often have no trouble with native resolution. Some games will even run at high(er) res. While 720p would be a more realistic estimated max, 1080p is entirely possible with some less GPU heavy games. Although, at 1080p, you are likely to see occasionally slowdowns when you come across a part/scene of a game that hits the GPU harder.
many thanks to you both
and i didn't realize turbo boost worked in that fashion, so thanks for the info Cool

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