New Member - God of War HDR Bloom Hack Help Please?
Hey guys, firstly just want to say thanks to the PCSX team, truly substantial work they have done, meaning I and everyone else can enjoy PS2 games at 1080p HD which makes them look absolutely fantastic!

I've recently been trying to get God of War 1 to work and as of last night have finally got it running perfectly, however the settings in GSDX that I am using only allow anti-aliasing x1 (as I am using DX9 because DX10 goes so slowly!). As a result I'm very interested in this HDR bloom hack referred to as the 'Resident Evil 4 RC2 Bloom Hack' being mentioned as something that will improve the graphics and give everything an even more HD look, could somebody please let me know what I'd need to download ( any links?) and do to use this as I'd really like to start playing through God of War as soon as this is done and can't seem to find any information on this anywhere. The video below shows someone who did implement the hack:

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me with this!

Fahd. Biggrin

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*Bump* any help please? Sad
I think it would be best if you ask the person that is using that, doesn't seem it's anything related to PCSX2 or it's plugins really.
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