New PC setup for FFXII help
Id like to build a new comp to play FFXII in 720p or 1080p with AAx4 or better if possible. Ive read back through 50 pages and searched some. But with new betas out and prices dropping on some pretty good hardware I thought Id get, what people thought as of today what, a good PC setup. I dont want to start a whole Intel vs Amd thread, so Ill just say Im going to go with a Intel Core 2 Duo and an Nvidia card. I have other computers that Im totally happy with for PC gaming and normal computer use, but Id like to build a comp just for high level PS2 gaming. I want to play FFXII in the best way possible. Is it even possible to play FFXII with great graphics, perfect sound and 60fps through all gameplay, ingame cuts and FMVs? Here are 2 vids I saw on Youtube that looked nice. I do understand that videos on Youtube are playing faster than they really are sometimes. Does anyone have a motherboard, cpu and gfx card setup that would work? Any help would be great.


Here is what Im going with so far:

CPU - Intel E8500 for price and OCing ability

GFX - Nvidia GTS 250 1gb.

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I dont have nvidia, but ATi... An FF XII works full speed all
the Time. So my spec: C2D E8500, ATi HD 4870, ASUS P5Q PRO.

I was just looking at this cpu:

Same one as yours?

What ram are you running with it?
Same one as yours?
-> Same as my.

What ram are you running with it?
-> DDR II dual chanel kit - GEiL - PC 6400 - 2x 2GB
Dual Core at least 3.2Ghz, Geforce 9800GTX+ and 4GB will do the job.
Some bird twitchered that FFXII is very gpu demanding.
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Thanks for the replies. Smile I thought for sure I had a nice Intel C2D laying around my office at work but I was wrong. Im going to go ahead and start getting the parts together to make a good EPSX2 rig. Can you guys take a look at what Im looking at? The last 2 computers I built were AMD so Im not up on everything Intel related. Like for instance what is the best chipset to run with the E8500? And is PCI express 2.0 x16 going to be the standard for awile? Id like to not have to buy a super expensive card right now but have the option later. Also Im not sure what speed and type of memory to run with the E8500 for OCing to 4.0 or better. Like timing and all that. Since I wont need a case, power supply, dvd drive or hard drive, Im looking to spend around $600 if I can. Thats $20 a peice for cpu, motherboard, and graphics card. Hopefully maybe pay a little less for one of those and use the rest to get memory. Here is what Im looking at so far:


Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz 6MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor - Retail $189Can OC up to 4.2 on air?


DDR2 or DDR3?

What clock speed??

Maybe - Corsair Dominator 2x2 GB DDR2-1066 kit


XFX GS250XYDFC GeForce GTS 250 512MB Core Edition 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP

XFX GS250XZDFC GeForce GTS 250 1GB Core Edition 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP


Intel or Nvidia Chipset??
Get the GTS 250 (you won't need 1 GB VRAM except if you'll play at crazy resolutions) and an Intel chipset (way better for overclocking)
The processor can go that high,but that also depends on could get a piece that just does not overclock well,like my E8400 that after 3,6 it just can't get stable without a huge voltage increase.

The problem is that the new socket the latest Intel processors are using (Corei7) is NOT backwards compatible,so you either get the old socket (for which no new processors will be out so you won't be able to upgrade) or you get the new socket and invest way more in an i7 system.
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Get an i7.. or wait out for i5.
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i agree with sythe except with that $600 limit youd probably have to sacrifice a graphics card for a little while.

if you do go with 775, Get an P45/ICH10R (Intel) chipset, its the latest and afaik the last chipset for that socket. theres no point getting anything older. i didnt look at your parts listed up there so idk what kind of hardware you're looking at but at least that should clear up your chipset question.

ddr2 and ddr3 differences will be minimal for 775. i always get the cheapest RAM test it then overclock if it passes. Super Talent is reliable and cheap. Ive taken their ddr2 all the way to 1000 mhz with timings at 4-3-3-8 which was very nice. and their ddr3 ive got currently to 1600 but i dont remember my timings.

the 250 is the newer revision of the 9800, so as Bositman said go with that one of the two (1GB model). i used 4850 then switched to 4890's and they work great plus are cheaper (just a thought)
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