New PCSX2 user (some questions).
First off, I'd like to say hello!

Now, on with the questions...

First off, I only have the IGP that came with my computer. It's an ATi Radeon HD 3200. I checked it online and it should be able to work (DirectX10 and shaders 4.0), though I guess it might not work all that great. Any insight on that (I'm a bit of a noob with all of this).

Second, I have a 360 wireless controller with the usb connector for recharge. Can I use this controller at all? If so, is there some sort of special software I would need?

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Your video card should be ok if you dont plan on playing in anything higher than native resolution. Your processor is what really counts in this. As for your controller it should work. I haven't had any issues using a ps3 controller for pcsx2.

For both ps3 and xbox360 controllers to work on any PC for any program, you will need the drivers for said device installed. That goes for any controller though. Its not just for PCSX2 that you need these drivers installed, its for any game you plan to use the controller with.

Well, I do have the driver already for the 360, so that's a go.

However, you have raised some other concerns. I was hoping to play in at least 720 widescreen, so that may be an issue.

As for my CPU, it's not looking too good. I've got an AMD Phenom 1.8 GHz Quad-Core.
Your card may be on the weak side. You may have trouble playing graphic intensive games. Some of the more simpler games should be okay at native resolution. What processor are you running?

I personally am running the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for PCSX2, and let me tell you... it's AMAZING. Unfortunately, you cannot hook up the Wireless controller with the charging cable. (I've tried.) Your 2 choices are either to pickup a Wired 360 Controller, (which is the same, just wired differently.) or you need to pickup a Wireless 360 receiver for your wireless controller.

I already have enough wires in my setup, so I chose the Wireless receiver route. It is a life saver. The sad part is, the Wireless Receiver is incredibly hard to find now. If you can find it, it normally sells for $20, or it comes bundled with wireless controller for $65ish. It is your call however.
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