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New PS3 emulator designed by me. Please check it out it is in beta version.
Hey guys
Lately i've been working on a PS3 emulator for the PC, sorry MAC users this won't work for you yet. If you wish to download the file it is below.
Here is a bit of info about it:
- Connects to the internet in the same way the Desumme Emulator works.
- Custom PS3 firmware
- Remote Connectable (Still some bugs but it works for some computers REQUIRES BLUETOOTH)
- Also it has a load of plugins, if you want the ROMS you can search for them on the internet. They are available.

There is lots more to do but the basics work just fine, PSN is supported, it works just like a PS3. Hope you like it. Oh yeah btw i gave it my own little name PSCX3 ^_^ Also there are quite a few plugins which come along with THEY ARE NEEDED FOR IT TO RUN. So it's quite a large file but it's compressed it's about 300mb uncompressed. Took me a hell load of time to upload :/
Heres the link :


Thank you Biggrin
p.s. please do download it and give me feedback on here

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This is obviously fake, all it does is take you to a site where you have to complete a survey and then nothing happens.

You want people to take you seriously? Give a direct link.

Glad I checked this out so people know not to waste their time.
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no hope for that kind of BS.
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