New Rogue Galaxy Problem
I'm having the exact same problem as this guy - and I saw that no one had answered his question on the pcsx2 google code issues page. Does anyone else have this problem and know an answer for it?

Thanks very much to any who can help!

Reported by Makotech222, Aug 04, 2009

Using Svn 1601:

Rogue galaxy (NTSC) crashes seemingly only when attacking armored foes,
without breaking their armor first. I've tested a multitude of settings and
it seems to occur 100% of the time. It can be bypassed by using a charged
attack and breaking the armor, but allies sometimes make it complicated Tongue

I think this might be a recent thing, when rogue galaxy first started
working, i never got this problem before.

Tried both mVU and sVU, changing around EE/VU Rec options (EErec Chop must
be on) Dx10.

Comment 1 by Makotech222, Aug 04, 2009

Oh forgot, theres no error message in console, just a windows error: pcsx2 has
stopped working.

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