New User - Lots o Qs
Hey all,

Circumstances beyond my control have put me in a hotel for a while. They have one of them locks on the back of the TV, so I am in full blown emulation mode.

I've a couple easy questions, then a couple technical ones, so, thanks for reading and helping where you can.

My rig:
Pentium E2160 OC'ed @ 2.4
2 Gig RAM @ DDR2 800
Radeon HD 4650 OC'ed @ 745/1060

I downloaded a whole crapload of progs, and now I can't keep them straight:

pcsx2 (9.4)
pcsx2-r592 (BETA)
pcsx2svn337 (9.5 WATERMOOSE)
pcsx2t (9.4)
pcsx2tsvn337 (9.5 WATERMOOSE)

Okay, straighten me out. Everything that is not 9.4 "isn't supported by" Emuforums, which is why I'm posting here. I get that they are Betas, I don't get why or how or what's the diff. Which is the latest? Which should I be using for most compatibility? Why does svn stand for anyways?

I also tried Playground, but I've no idea what revision it was, or if there are revisions? All I know is it didn't work as well for me, mainly there were too many options and I needed to start simpler.

Played FFX, no complaints aside from I forgot how terrible easy it is. Persona 4 is meh right now. Suikoden 3 is mega slow, lots of artifacts. FFX-2 is chugging along alright.

Sidenote - I forgot my speakers, so for now I'm just using NullSound.

We will start with FFX-2:

I get between 45 and 60 FPS. It's nice and playable and the slowdowns are at the same place where my Deuce would chug.

But when I open my inventory screen or abilities page or anywhere there is a list with a cursor (buying from merchants), the game chugs down to less than 20 FPS, and I don't know why.

Settings: CPU - everything checked, limited FPS. ZeroGS Kosmos 0.97.1, FFX hack enabled.

So I tried GSdx 883 SSSE3 0.1.13 (latest? I've no idea seriously people clean up the numbers) and the menu thing works fine. Pretty good FPS again somewhere around 45-60. Except in battle it drops to about 30.

GSdx - Pixel Shader 3, native resolution, grey NLOOP and Texture Filter, Alpha checked.

I've messed around with filtering and interlacing and all that for each plugin, but nothing really fixes the problem or improves the FPS. And I'm not near systematic enough to go through each option, check, test, uncheck, test, next check, test, etc. Especially when there has got to be someone out there that has already done this.

I haven't really tried the speedhacks and such, mainly because I wanted to understand what is up before I start randomly checking boxes.

So, people more wise than I, which is the latest PCSX2 that I should be using? Is beta the best, or stick with the 'official' versions? Or can't you say due to some unknown law regarding which version we are allowed to discuss using?

And what is up with my FPSness? I know some games just work better with some plugins, but why would one not be able to do menus of all things, while the other battles?

Would it be easier to just screencap all my settings? Will do upon request.

Thanks again.

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OK do this in steps:

First delete everything PCSX2 related.
Download the PCSX2 playground from
Download the latest plugins from the plugin section of our site again.
Then,grab the latest SVN snapshot from here:
and use that exe instead of the one you had from the playground binary you downloaded initially.
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Thanks for the quick reply. You know what is up, Bosit, I'm glad you got here first.

So Playground is the guts and the SVN snapshot is the brain? When updating in the future, do I just look for a higher number snapshot? Or since Playground is now a part of 9.5 am I just going to be looking for that?

I'm off to config my new downloads. Thanks for setting me straight. I'm sure you have that list copy pasted out a document.

Build a man a fire, he is warm for the night.

Set a man on fire, he is warm for the rest of his life.
Yeah something like it. In the future you will be looking at 0.9.6 as stable and beta versions with SVN numbers,so yes higher #s will be newer.
I haven't got it copy pasted,but i really should Tongue
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Quote:So Playground is the guts and the SVN snapshot is the brain?

Playground team has merged with official team, so there's no more playground version, but just an official one.

Side note: now that playground has disappeared, maybe a sticky would help
all newbies that come and ask where is playground ?
I see that in "old forum" there's still a playground section,
not surprising there's still confusion:
What happens on ngemu is frankly not our concern. We have moved and are now completely independent. It is up to ngemu to clear up the thing for its own users.

Apart from that, nah no official topic is needed. When 0.9.6 is out, after all, anything playground related will be removed after a fashion so...
So I got everything up to date, plugsins back on track. Either using the stuff provided at the webpage or old Nulls (sound, USB, firewire).

FFX-2, same problems.

GSdx 890 SSSE3 0.1.14 - about 45 FPS out of battle, less than 30 in battle. NLOOP grey, native checked, nothing else checked.

ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.97.1 - around 60 everywhere, less than 12 accessing menu lists. Only FFX hack checked.

I turned all the speedhacks on and things speed up except for the problem areas for each Plugin. CPU config has everything checked. Advanced options are all set to chops and zeros and checked (everything that says 'speed').

I've searched through every post on these forums with "final fantasy" in the thread, but most problems are with missing textures or slow FMVs. Am I hitting the best I can with ZeroGS and just have to suck it up through the menus?

Build a man a fire, he is warm for the night.

Set a man on fire, he is warm for the rest of his life.
Hmm sounds like the dreaded GSdx hating for Radeon cards...that must be the reason for that huge slowdown you get.
I think that's the best you can get...2,4 Ghz is still low for most games with PCSX2 and FFX-2 in particular is a demanding one.Maybe you can make it work with ZeroGS by tweaking some of the advanced options on and off
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Are all the boxes on the righthand side of ZeroGS pertinent to all games? That is, even though they say they work for one or two in specific, will they effect all in some way? So one of the random checks for Xenosaga may be the solution to the menu thing?

And wheee on Radeon cards. Switched off of Nvidia and now I can't remember why I would do such a thing.

Build a man a fire, he is warm for the night.

Set a man on fire, he is warm for the rest of his life.
Yeah these are not game specific,they will affect everything.I guess you'll have to use trial and error tactics
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