New Video????
Hello everyone, this is djj.p, and i'm new to the site, i just wanted to congratulate you, for all the hard work you have put on this project, and i want to help the community, i would like to make a video showing everybody how pcsx2 works, i know probably have seen a lot of video on youtube about this, but i want mine to be different, i would like to make a full tutorial on how to use pcsx2, so if u have any tips or just want to help me with this, reply to this message and let me know, thank you for your time.

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Get as much as info you need from here:
and the tut is gonna be on 9.6 or 9.7?
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
the tut is gonna be on the latest version, so yup 9.7

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