New and having issues. Could use suggestions
Hello! Hope all are well. I'm a new user of pcsx2 and I'm experiencing a problem with getting a game to play. I've got a Gran Turismo 3 iso and the emulator will detect it and start the game but all that happens is it shows the in game warning that "Cars included in this game may differ in shape, size" and so on. Right after that  It doesn't even make it to the start screen before I get a message window that reads as follows. I don't understand ANY of the options in the configurations and settings. So some plain english in any suggestions would be appreciated lol

                                                       Assertion Failed FQC=0 on FIFO read

                              D:\Git\pcsx2_master\pcsx2\FiFo.cpp(48) : assertion failed:
    Function:  ReadFIFO_VIF1
    Thread:    EE Core
    Condition: vif1Regs.stat.FQC != 0
    Message:  FQC = 0 on VIF FIFO READ!

[00] 0x00177705                                 
[01] 0x0017E4DD                                 
[02] 0x001AE3D5                                 
[03] 0x0019BA0D                                 
[04] 0x001993F7                                 
[05] NvOptimusEnablement                       
[06] 0x0047DDE0                                 
[07] 0x0027DA71                                 
[08] 0x00706BE5                                 
[09] 0x00706AC9                                 
[10] 0x00706904                                 
[11] 0x0070693D                                 
[12] o_iswdigit                                 
[13] BaseThreadInitThunk                       
[14] RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath         
[15] RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath

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