New direction for PCSX2 devs
The code is fairly excellent in terms of speed and functionality, and computers are getting faster, so making PCSX2 faster is no longer necessary. Instead you should focus on debugging problem titles, making obscure games playable, and speeding up the really slow games, and adding extra perks like 2.1 virtual surround mentioned in this thread:

If these things are done, PCSX2 would be a shining example to all developers of over-the-top perfection and awe-inspiring technological experiences.

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you contradicting. not making it faster and making slow games faster is kinda not conclusive. sure debugging and making playable is already done. and...

wtf. linking to your own thread. could have inclued it here Closedeyes since the 2.1 topic is garbage anyway. you won't get spatial sound out of it. you can do echoes and reverb which is already inclu in the spu. adding anything more to fake nothing possible in 2.1 got no point.
making a thread to link to your own thread, is lame. Don't do it.
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