New feature-Needs testing!: USB plugin supporting microphones for Singstar, Life line and Guitar Hero games!
jackun has been developing a new USB plugin for PCSX2 for quite some time and it has reached a point where most of the games supporting microphones work!

The development thread:
The Github project:

We need your help testing it out, reporting bugs or incompatibilities with various games. This should work basically with every game supporting a microphone!
Additionally, the plugin supports driving wheels for racing games, you can check out a small compatibility list HERE. Testing for that is welcome too

I'm attaching the plugin for testing Smile Just unzip it in your plugins folder, select it in the USB plugin dropdown and configure it depending on the game you'll be testing

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I have a USB guitar hero controller but no copy of guitar hero to try it xP
Mic support worked great with lifeline. I easily finished tutorial and reached first fight, but I need to master this game better to progress further.
Played Singstar bollywood and it seems to be working ok.
Qemu USB Msg
MMAudioSource::Init(): Could not create IMMDeviceEnumerator = 800401F0

Tried the Singstar Pop demo and got this CoInitialize wasn't called error.

So I decided to build the plugin from source with CoInitializeEx added before HRESULT err = CoCreateInstance(in audiosrc-wasapi.cpp) and then the plugin loaded without error.

When testing the game I noticed the sound of my voice sometimes played sounding like a robot/Dalek for short periods. To be sure it wasn't my microphone at fault I plugged in a USB microphone, but the effect stayed.
I'll do some testing on this throughout the week.
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Looks awesome, thanks! I'll try some SOCOM later.
Any chance on getting EyeToy working?
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I CAN FINALLY PLAY LIFELINE IN HD, YES. Great work. I see the US version was already tested but I have the Japanese one as well, will report back if there's any issues.

Update: Did the tutorial and a bit of the main game without issues, although there's a lot of white noise during the game which I don't remember being present when played on PS2 (it has been ages though). May not even be an issue with the plugin itself, just thought I'd mention it
Does this mean we can use are laptop's default mic that's built in or do we have to have the actual ps2 peripheral plugged in?
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Any mic works Wink
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